The Left Party


The Left Party wants people to help
one another and take responsibility, to show solidarity
In Sweden in the 20th century
the struggle of the women’s movement and the labour movement
gave us welfare services and a more equal society.

But in the last 30 years Sweden has got worse again.
Greedy companies have been allowed to control more and more.
Sweden now has high unemployment, a shortage of housing;
a poorer welfare services and a less equal society.

The Left Party is important for Sweden If you vote for us, you will help to change the government.
We want to be in a new government
along with the Social Democrats and the Green Party.
There we will fight for justice and gender equality
and against the destruction of the environment.

We have already shown that we can make great improvements
in many municipalities in Sweden.
We have, for example, raised women’s pay in Malmö
and introduced free public transport in Kiruna.

Jobs, welfare services and gender equality are our most important issues.

Good schools, health care and social services
without profits in welfare services Private companies makes profits
because they have fewer employees
and pay lower wages.
These companies also make profits
when they choose the customers that have the most money
instead of those who are in most need of care or schooling.

We are the only party that wants to
make it impossible for private companies
to make big profits from schools, healthcare and social services.
We also want to change the law to make it more difficult
to sell property that the state, municipalities and county councils own
to private owners.

We also want to provide more places in care
and we want older people to be able to decide more about their elderly care.
We want the state to take over responsibility for schools
and to make all schools equally good.
We want to have fewer children in every group
in preschools and out-of-school centres.

More and securer jobs
in the whole of the country
We want more people to work in schools, health care and social services.
We want to employ 3000 more in healthcare and 6000 new teachers.

We are going to create jobs by
building housing, especially rented housing.
We also want to expand rail services, broadband and mobile networks
and to invest in agriculture and organic food.
This will make life better in both urban and rural areas.

The centre-right policies that Sweden has had
have led to many having insecure jobs.
We want to change that. More people should have permanent jobs.
Everyone should have the right to work full-time if they want to.

Unemployment insurance has to be better.
Unemployed people under the age of 25
should be given jobs or training within 90 days.
Everyone should be able to manage well on
their sick pay, pension or study support.
We want to increase study support by SEK 750 per month.

Feminism means justice
We are going to increase justice between women and men.
We want to change parental insurance
so that parents take equal shares in looking after their children.
There has to be childcare in evenings and at weekends.
Women’s pay has to be higher.

We also want to change the law to make it illegal
to have sex with anyone
who does not clearly show that they want to have sex.